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Ideal for timber bearers for clad or brick houses

Uni-Piers can be secured to concrete footings with masonry anchors or can be cast into the concrete and allowing the baseplate to become the anchor. Adjustment to the required bearer height is quick and easy by using 14#20 self drilling and tapping metal Tek screws to fasten the head to the post.


Uni-Piers will most likely require bracing where the dwelling's walls have cladding. Recommended bracing is 50 x 50 x 2.5mm galvanised steel angle secured with 14#20 self drilling and tapping metal Tek screws. However, bracing may not be required in many situations where the base of the building is constructed with masonry walls.


The versatility of Uni-Piers allows a floor system to be easily erected and adjusted to within millimetres on even the most difficult of building sites.


The Buildex class Metal Tek self drilling screws make adjusting the Uni-Pier to level the simplest job on the building site.


Heavy Grade Uni-Piers allow support up to 5000mm in height. Both grades of Uni-Piers can be used in load bearing and non load bearing applications.


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