Securing Heads to Posts

We are often asked on the best method to secure the heads to the posts.

This could not be simpler!

The easiest way is to use a minimum of (6) six self-drilling, self tapping, galvanised, class 4 Metal Tek Screws. Specifically, they are 14 – 20 x 22 Metal Tek Screws.

One screw has a shear capacity load of about 800kgs. When (6) six are installed, that is 4.8 tonnes!

If you prefer bolts, you can use these instead. We recommend (2) two 100 x 12mm hot dipped galvanised bolts (for 65 x 65 and 75 x 75 systems) OR (2) two 120 x 12mm hot dipped galvanised bolts (for 89 x 89 and 100 x 100 systems)

Always check with your site structural engineer if in doubt.

Author – Kerry Bennett

Kerry Bennett revolutionised the Australian building industry in 1992 with the invention of Uni-Pier, an innovative steel height-adjustable underfloor support system. In 2002, Kerry went on to invent Benex, clinching the New Inventors Award in 2008 and the Australian Business Award for Best New Product in 2009.

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