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The Uni-Brace © Explained



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  • Telescopic Diagonals
  • Non-Symmetrical Design
  • Galvanised Finish*
  • Full Bracing Effect
  • No Cutting
  • Lightweight

*Adjustable Uni-Brace components are manufactured from SugagalQ ERW Steel Tube to ASINZS 1163:2009 C350LO.

At last..construction bracing made easy

There are many situations in building with a need for the bracing of walls and floors.

Often the bracing capacity actually required is not fully considered, unless it has been properly designed. The potential result can be failure, if the allowance is inadequate, or, if "over designed" the result can be sheer waste.

Uni-Brace© is fully engineered in accordance with the Design Assumptions that are included as part of the brochure. Uni-Brace© was also developed to make installation easy and, at the same time, provide a smart finished appearance. The unique telescopic design of Uni-Brace© also combines the benefits of lightweight design as well as the ability to sustain normal loads.

Uni-Brace© comes complete. All you need to do when installing is open the telescopic parts as required and secure with metal self-drilling and tapping Tek screws.

The system is screw fixed to the parts of the structure being braced. The pre-installed bolts in the centre assembly are then tightened. The only tools required are a drill, with driver bits capable of installing 14#20-22 self-drilling and tapping metal Tek screws into steel, and clamps to hold the Uni-Brace© in position during installation.

It's that easy!



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