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The Uni-Pier System

Uni-Piers are a smart but simple piering system and designed to replace brick piers, concrete or timber stumps that in the past have been traditionally used as sub-floor supports.

When assembled, the piers are adjustable to the desired height, so eliminating inaccuracies that are often evident in concrete footings or pads.

Uni-Piers are non-combustible and will not rot, warp, shrink or harbour termites. Uni-Piers are designed to suit any normal domestic floor design and are able to support most roof and wall loads in all wind areas and are suitable for up to 5m fall in terrain.


There are two types of Uni-Piers available:

  • Builders Grade - posts are manufactured from 65x65x2mm RHS (square section rectangular hollow steel). The sleeve of the head fits OVER the post. Builders Grade Uni-Piers can achieve a maximum height of 4000mm; and
  • Heavy Grade - posts are manufactured from 75x75x2.5mm RHS (square section rectangular hollow steel). The sleeve of the head fits INSIDE the post. Heavy Grade Uni-Piers can achieve a height of up to 5000mm.

Both grades of Uni-Piers can be used in load bearing and non load bearing applications.

All Uni-Pier products are Hot Dipped Galvanised to protect against corrosion under normal conditions.

Further technical details are available in our Uni-Pier Selection Guide.


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