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With over 500 hardware and steel stockists Australia-wide, we aim to make our products as easily accessible to you as possible. A lot of people ask us why we utilise stockists and don’t sell from the website itself, and we’re here to tell you why. 


Our products are designed and fabricated to carry structural loads. We want to make sure that your home will last a lifetime, so we have to get your project right. You’re not just buying a pair of shoes or a pop-up tent, our Uni-Pier products are designed to last as long as your home. We’re so confident in the longevity of our products, that Uni-Pier is the only company producing Height Adjustable piers or stumps that offers a 25-year Manufacturing Warranty. 


From the seaside suburbs around this great land to the outback and everywhere in between, your home site is unique and it’s important that you buy the correct products for your home to last. When undergoing a project, it’s important to consider which Corrosive Zone your building is in, or if your project is located in a cyclonic zone.

We work with your structural engineer or builder to make sure the structural steel will be “fit for purpose” no matter where it is in Australia. You can rely on our team to make sure you get the right products for your unique home site.


At Uni-Pier, our focus is to design and manufacture industry-leading quality products that are durable, affordable, reliable, and efficient to install and use. Our team is constantly looking at ways we can work with engineers, builders, architects, and homeowners to improve their projects and take them to the next level.

Uni-Pier’s goal is to carry our entire product range in stock consistently so that we can pick and deliver your order within 2-5 working days (other than very specialised products). Australian-designed and manufactured, you can rest easy knowing that what you see is what you get. Each and every Uni-Pier product exceeds all the applicable Australian Standards and National Building Codes, meaning you’ll never receive inferior, imported products. 


We focus on doing what we know how to do best, and that’s designing and manufacturing high-quality, reliable products. 

This includes focusing on assisting and advising engineers, builders, architects, and homeowners by using our Take Off Service. This free service is where we are available to look over your plans and discuss requirements to provide you with the most cost-effective and practical solution, going as far as to coordinate with our resellers to order your product and ensure you get the most accurate quote.

Author – Kerry Bennett

Kerry Bennett revolutionised the Australian building industry in 1992 with the invention of Uni-Pier, an innovative steel height-adjustable underfloor support system. In 2002, Kerry went on to invent Benex, clinching the New Inventors Award in 2008 and the Australian Business Award for Best New Product in 2009.

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