Hot Dipped Galvanised, 25 Year Warranty & Australian Made

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Uni-Pier products are the only underfloor support system to be Hot Dipped Galvanised as standard. Not only that, Uni-Pier products adhere to a strict code of conduct as per the guidelines administered by the Galvaniser’s Association of Australia. With that in mind, it is no surprise that Uni-Pier Australia offers a comprehensive 25 Year Warranty.

25 Year Warranty

Designed to cater to the harshest of conditions, no other manufacturer of steel under-floor support systems can confidently offer a warranty as outstanding as Uni-Pier Australia’s. Reassured by our unblemished track record, let the 25-year warranty on all of our products give you peace of mind when choosing your sub-floor support systems.

Download a copy of our 25 Year Warranty for more information.

Australian Made

All of the Uni-Pier and Uni-Brace products are made in Australia. We are proudly supported by the Australian Made Logo.


So next time you need to specify or order height-adjustable piers, posts, or stumps, insist on Uni-Pier and Uni-Brace products.

We’ll make sure you get the best quality, made by Aussies for Aussie homes.

Author – Kerry Bennett

Kerry Bennett revolutionised the Australian building industry in 1992 with the invention of Uni-Pier, an innovative steel height-adjustable underfloor support system. In 2002, Kerry went on to invent Benex, clinching the New Inventors Award in 2008 and the Australian Business Award for Best New Product in 2009.

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