Why Uni-Pier?

Not just another pier/stump replacement, Uni-Pier was created as a solution to expensive, ineffective subfloor alternatives. Uni-Pier products are Hot Dipped Galvanised as a standard, not as an add-on, designed to be lightweight, robust, adjustable, and affordable. Uni-Pier’s adjustable head and post assemblies were the first of their kind and more than 25 years later are still the best.

Subfloor Climate Control

Here at Uni-Pier, we want to share a comparative insight into why our products stand above the rest. Uni-Pier was specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. But when we talk about the Australian climate, what are we actually talking about is that all the Uni-Pier products can be used anywhere in Australia,  in all Corrosion Zone areas other C5 (within 200m of a breaking surf) where further protective treatment may be required.

With one of the most diverse environments on Earth, it ranges from humid, wet cyclone-prone cities, to flat, dry outback towns, all within one state. Finding solutions to suit even the harshest of weather conditions, Uni-Pier’s adaptable product stands out above the rest.

Uni-Pier vs. the Rest

So what are the other options? Over the years, we’ve seen trends in subflooring come and go, but quality lasts. Other options at present include concrete slabs on the ground and traditional suspended timber bearers and joist systems on brick piers or concrete stumps. These options are typically labour-intensive.  In most cases, the only products that can be used with confidence in any corrosion zones are Uni-Pier products.

The gaps in these options are where Uni-Pier was born, from limiting the level of intensive labour, to finding a solution for large, and sloping land, Uni-Pier’s adjustable, lightweight design caters to conditions other solutions can’t contend with. With precision and durability, Uni-Pier allows for easy installation, fine adjustments, and maximum heights other solutions can’t reach. 

Batch Hot Dip Galvanisation

The most significant difference between the Uni-Pier and other cheaper options is durability. Uni-Pier stands above the rest and at the heart of our success is our batch hot dip galvanisation. With a minimum coating of 390 grams per m2 per side, they are currently the only steel pier/stump system that can be used within 10 km of a breaking surf throughout our entire range of products.

Myth’s Busted

We get asked a lot of questions about how our products differ from our competitors, and we’re here to settle your curiosity. 

  • Why wouldn’t I use a concrete slab system instead?

While concrete slab-on-ground systems are common today, especially in residential buildings across Australia, they limit versatility. Once the slope of the land exceeds 1.5m, the concrete system becomes expensive, unable to easily adapt to the changed landscape costing you more money. Also, if the building site is in an inaccessible location or is more than about 70kms from the nearest batching plant, concrete slab on ground is often not a viable option.

  • Why shouldn’t I use traditional brick piers or concrete stumps to support the bearers and joists?

Brick piers require a skilled bricklayer to install them. They must be plumb and to the required height. With shortages of skilled bricklayers, the Uni-Pier option is an easy choice for builders. Concrete stumps are heavy and must be cast into the footings. This means that the concrete stumps must be located in exactly the correct location and height while the concrete in the footings is still wet.

The Uni-Pier allows the builder to fasten the Uni-Pier posts to the top of the concrete footings after the concrete has set. The Uni-Pier posts can also be installed into the footings if the structural engineer requires this option. Builders are using engineered bearers and joists as the best option. Uni-Pier Posts and Head assemblies are designed to carry large loads whilst allowing each pier/stump to be adjusted after the sub-floor has been constructed.

Opting for alternatives like Uni-Pier can offer superior durability, pest resistance, and compliance with current construction standards, ensuring peace of mind for at least 25 Years and in most cases a lifetime of the structural steel posts, pier, or stumps simply “doing their job”.

  • What sort of bearer and joist systems might be best for my home’s subfloor?

Uni-Pier products are designed to be used with all bearer and joist systems, including engineered timber of steel options, or natural structural grade hardwood and softwood options.  The engineered timber or steel bearer and joist options generally allow larger spans, thus reducing the number of isolated concrete footings and the number of posts, piers, or stumps.

Additionally, traditional timber bearer and joist systems may not offer the same level of flexibility in terms of design and space utilisation as other subfloor options e.g. Uni-Pier posts and head assemblies combined with engineer’s timber or steel bearers and joists.

Uni-Pier For Your Subfloor

If our facts aren’t enough, we’re so confident with our unblemished record to offer a 25 Year Manufacturing Warranty on all Uni-Pier products. If you’d like to learn more about how our products can work with your home or next project, give us a call today, or reach out to our expert technical team members via our Contact page. 

Author – Kerry Bennett

Kerry Bennett revolutionised the Australian building industry in 1992 with the invention of Uni-Pier, an innovative steel height-adjustable underfloor support system. In 2002, Kerry went on to invent Benex, clinching the New Inventors Award in 2008 and the Australian Business Award for Best New Product in 2009.

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