Choosing Between Telescopic Adjustable Head & Adjustable Screw Top Head Systems

Uni-Pier offers our robust adjustable piers for suspended flooring systems in two distinct configurations. The Uni-Pier STH (Adjustable Screw Top Head) and the Uni-Pier Telescopic Head. While both systems share a common mechanism, there are key differences in how the adjustability works and unique features for each.

In this blog, we will provide our insights on the two head systems, to help you choose the right pier system for your build. We’re here help you make an informed decision based on your project requirements, so if you’re still unsure, reach out to our friendly team.

Choosing the best height adjustable post and heads assembly for your suspended flooring system often boils down to the Uni-Pier STH (Adjustable Screw Top Head) and the Uni-Pier Telescopic Head. In this blog, we’ll delve into the unique features of each, recognising that both systems share a common mechanism. The key difference lies in how the 200mm worth of adjustability works.

Screw Top Head Assembly

Our Screw Top Head (STH) adjustable house stumps provide up to 100mm of telescopic adjustment and a 100mm through screw adjustment., The screw adjustment is designed for convenience and precision, achieved by a simple turn of the nut.

A key advantage of the STH is that it’s easier to adjustchieve changes to the required height both during construction and after the home has been built. because it can be adjusted under load without removing any Metal Tek Screws, simply turn the nut to achieve an increase or reduce the required height.

The STH is versatile, strong and very easy to adjust. No other system offers both the combined benefits of a Telescopic and Screw Top Head system. The STH is going to be your best option for highly reactive soil conditions where the head assembly may need to be adjusted from time to time.

Benefits of Screw Top Head Assembly

  • Innovative Design: Uni-Pier STH introduces an innovative twist to the traditional screw top head. Its 200mm of adjustability is shared between 100mm of telescopic adjustment and 100mm of screw adjustment, seamlessly achieved by a simple turn of the nut.
  • Affordability: Uni-Pier STH retains theits cost-effectiveness, providing a reliable foundation without straining your budget. This makes it an attractive option for projects where affordability is a significant consideration.
  • Sturdy Construction: The simplicity of the screw adjustment, combined with the telescopic feature, contributes to the sturdy construction of Uni-Pier STH. This is an asset in projects that require a reliable and robust solution.
  • Suitable for Various Projects: Uni-Pier STH strikes a balance between adaptability and simplicity, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. If your flooring system requires frequent adjustments to deal with highly reactive soil, this hybrid solution might be the perfect fit.

Telescopic Head Assembly

Our Telescopic Head adjustable house stumps hasve been used all over Australia for nearly three decades. The telescopic design easily accommodates uneven terrain and varying load requirements, offering unmatched versatility.

The key advantages telescopic head piers hold over the STH variants are cost effectiveness and simplicity when it comes to installation.

Uni-Pier Telescopic Heads are designed for user-friendliness, making them suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The streamlined installation process saves valuable time and effort.

Benefits of Telescopic Head Assembly

  • Smooth Adjustments: The telescopic mechanism ensures seamless height adjustments, providing precise levelling without the need for extensive effort. Achieving the perfect height is quick and straightforward, contributing to a stable and level foundation.
  • Cost-Effective and Future-Proof: The Telescopic Head Assembly is slightly more cost effective than our STH Assembly, the durability and low maintenance make Uni-Pier Telescopic Heads a cost-effective solution.

Tailoring Your Choice to Project Needs

The choice between Uni-Pier Telescopic Heads and Uni-Pier STH requires careful consideration of your project’s unique demands. Uni-Pier Telescopic Heads excel in adaptability and ease of installation, while Uni-Pier STH introduces an innovative blend of telescopic and screw adjustments, offering a cost-effective and sturdy solution.

As you navigate this decision-making process, we encourage you to consult with your constructional engineer or builder. Their expertise and insights into the specific requirements of your subfloor can guide you towards the optimal choice. By collaborating with professionals who understand the intricacies of your project, you ensure that your chosen system aligns seamlessly with your goals, resulting in a stable and reliable system for your suspended flooring.

Remember, the key to success lies in making an informed decision tailored to your project’s needs. So, reach out if you have any questions and pave the way for a flooring system that stands the test of time.

Author – Kerry Bennett

Kerry Bennett revolutionised the Australian building industry in 1992 with the invention of Uni-Pier, an innovative steel height-adjustable underfloor support system. In 2002, Kerry went on to invent Benex, clinching the New Inventors Award in 2008 and the Australian Business Award for Best New Product in 2009.

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