No other Pier gives you the Strength & Longevity


Construction wall and floor bracing made easy

The Uni-Pier Difference

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped Galvanised up to 600g/m2 providing maximum protection in Australia’s harshest conditions.

Fully Engineered

Fully Engineered and certified ensuring confidence that our products will stand the tests of time

BCA & NCC Approved

Compliance with the Building Code of Australia and the National Construction Code.

25 Year Warranty

We offer a 25 year product warranty. No other manufacturer of sub-floor support system offers such high guarantees.

Superior support for all above ground flooring systems

Versatile in many uses, the Uni-Pier system is a 2 part system that is fully adjustable for ease of installation.

Special Order Products

Extra-Heavy, Mega and Super-Mega Pier Grades

In addition to our Builders Grade 65x65x2mm and Heavy Grade 75x75x2.5mm Uni-Pier Systems, we also offer thicker grades for use in a wide variety of applications.